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RogueCube is a top-down shooter where cubes assassinate cubes.

Join rescue missions, find a way out of an infinite number of mazes and defeat challenging bosses!

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  • "Game Feel" - RogueCube has an Easy game mode... but come on, you actually want to enjoy, don't you? If you do so, play on Normal (or Suicide) mode and get ready for high levels of fun, stress and rage. You'll hear that voice in your head whispering: one more run...
  • Let's Randomize! - In this game (almost) everything happens by pure chance. Random level generation gives infinite combinations for the player to have massive ammounts of fun. In addition, you can always save the levels that you like and reload them whenever you want!
  • Constant Strategy - Each character, enemy and level will modify stats, provabilities or even other objects to interact with. The user will be constantly changing his game plan in order to beat the next rival. Whit this infinite decission tree, finding the best way out is up to him!
  • More is Better - More levels, more enemies, more weapons... Variety comes with more fun for the player and more time to enjoy discovering content on the RogueCube world.
  • Defeat the Boss - Because killing normal enemies is not enough. At the end of every stage you will be faced against a Boss that will change the rules of gameplay his own way. Playing against geometry has never been such a great challenge!

Title: RogueCube

Genre: Roguelike Shooter

Release: 2018

Platforms: TBD

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